Laboratory Created Diamonds

So I have been asked on a few occasions now about laboratory grown diamonds due to the stories of non-conflict diamonds and clients wanting to know and quite rightly so the origin of their precious gem stone.

How should we call this new kind of diamond?

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission in the US) recommends the use of the term laboratory grown. The average consumer relates synthetic to fake or look-a-like, and associates it with such materials as Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite. The term is clearly confusing and therefore misleading.

The 3 major international diamond laboratories GIA, HRD and IGI provide diamond grading reports certifying it is a diamond with exactly the same optical, physical and chemical characteristic than mined diamonds with the point of origin being the only difference. One is grown above the ground while the other is extracted from the ground.

Laboratory grown diamond is a term that the consumer understands and has no problem making the connection to a different kind of diamond totally identical to the mined diamond.  Simply put, it is a real diamond, just a different kind of diamond.

Now I can offers clients sparkling lab-grown diamonds in white, pink, blue and yellow colours in both round and most of the fancy shapes. You will find our diamonds in D-K colours and clarity between Internally Flawless and SI2. 

We can offer a variety of sizes ranging from lower than 0.01ct to beyond 5cts.

Most of our synthetic diamonds that are at least 0.30ct or more are usually provided with a diamond report from the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and GIA reports are available.

All our certified diamonds are laser inscribed with the certificate number and the mention laboratory grown diamond.

Plus they are cheaper than mined stones……so what’s not to like?

Lab Grown v Mined
You would not be able to tell the difference without specialist equipment.